Stainless Steel is forever.
  Lots of artists work in mild steel, scrap steel and other metals. They all have charactistics that cause them to rust, corrode, discolor, or deteriorate, all detramental to the beauty of the artwork itself.
  Stainless is expensive to buy, equipment and materials are expensive and many sculptors are not willing to spend considerably  more to produce the beauty and longevity of stainless. 

Left to Right.
  • 30' Hammerhead Shark, Art in Public Places Key West
  • 36" Barracuda, in private collection
  • 6' Porpoise fountain,Chrome and Stainless
  • Mail Box, commission for cook book author, Key West
  • Monoplane in Key West Airport 12x18
  • Blue Marlin Motel Marlin 12' {Sherry ass't}