Trompe  L'oeil  
 People often reach out and touch my paintings, I'm kinda the AT&T painter. To reach that goal I attempt to carefully  draw the image as accuratly  as possible, utilize one point perspective,  warm opposed to cool colors, and avoid brush strokes except for texture. Trompe  L'oeil or Fools the Eye,  caught my eye  in a gallery in Paris  nearly twenty years ago and I was hooked. I have since sold over 400  paintings  many for the kitchen.
  Recently I have created several Streetscapes. I have others in the planning stages, mostly of Key West and the waterfront.
  I enjoy teaching, and recently held a trompe l'oeil class at Studios of Key West. Before that, five years the Florida Keys Community College. I also organize  free seminars for artists featuring  national art material  manufactures.
  I love to create artwork based on commissions from individuals. I regularly create cards and presentations for business using my realistic style.
  Call me at 305-942-1758 in KW if you have an idea or need original work for your business or home, Any size or any subject, anywhere!