Murals in or Outside
Dick's Murals have weathered saltwater floods, hurricanes, smoke-filled kitchens and the busiest bar in Key West, SLOPPY JOES.
They are painted quickly and neatly wherever they are, your kitchen, balcony, large public venues or tiny bathrooms. The substrate ,whether formica, sheetrock, stucco, or wood, is ALWAYS primed and prepared with the finest materials before the 25year warranty color coat is applied.
The subject matter chosen is presented in a scale ink line drawing for approval before any work is started.A review of ,style,colors, and size is always discussed in advance.The artist is not very comfortable with mid-stream changes!
Price varies with complexity, size, and conditions of the wall including heights.
Left to right 1.Lazy Way,KW waterfront. 2.Entire Kitchen, 1500 Atlantic KW. 3. Balcony walls 1500 Atlantic KW. 4. Entry Wall, Key West Beach Club. 5&6. Sloppy Joes 2000sqft Key West.